• Hydrogen Power for Hebridean Ferries February 24, 2018 The backers of an ambitious green energy scheme say that ferries powered by hydrogen could be serving the Outer Hebrides within five years.
  • Tesla Battery Meeting South Australia Energy Demand February 24, 2018 The big Tesla battery in South Australia is consistently working to serve the peak energy demand each day, taking the “straw off the camel’s back,” according to the Australia Institute’s latest national energy emissions audit.
  • UCT Comes Tops at South Africa’s Third Greenovate Awards December 7, 2017 Young environmental game-changers from the University of Cape Town (UCT) took first place in the Greenovate Awards for the third year running.
  • Nigeria Enhances Rural Electrification Through Solar November 3, 2017 In Nigeria, Sokoto State government declared that it has started the process of connecting a number of rural households to solar power in order to deepen energy usage and enhance rural electrification in the region.
  • GBCSA Launches Net Zero Buildings Programme October 17, 2017 The Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) has announced the official launch of its Net Zero Programme and the certification of the first four projects under its Net Zero Pilot Certification scheme.