• Chinese Kubuqi Model for Desertification Control Gets International Recognition August 1, 2017 The sixth Kubuqi International Desert Forum (KIDF), held from July 29 to July 30 in the Kubuqi Desert in Ordos, Inner Mongolia had participants from other countries witnessing the successful practices of Kubuqi’s desertification control and forum offered them better understanding of the Kubuqi Model.
  • Tesla Unveils Affordable Model 3 Electric Car July 29, 2017 Electric car maker Tesla has unveiled its most affordable electric-car to date – the Model 3 sedan.
  • Man Turns Smog to Diamonds and Makes Algae Street-Lights July 8, 2017 Daan Roosegaarde, a Dutch artist and innovator has made a device that turns smog to diamonds. The device, part of his Smog-Free Project, is a tower that sucks up polluted air, cleans it and releases it back into parks and playgrounds. The captured smog is converted to diamonds.
  • Tesla Announces Its ‘Solar Roof’ Product June 8, 2017 Tesla, the American car maker, energy storage company, and solar panel manufacturer announced the opening of orders for its solar roof tiles early in May.
  • GreenCape Reinvents Business Matchmaking in the Green Space June 8, 2017 With support from the government of the United Kingdom, GreenCape and the World Bank’s Climate Technology Program (CTP) have launched a cross-border business matchmaking facility that links global companies to local green businesses in South Africa.