• New Solar-Powered Device Can Create Water Out of Thin Air, Even in Deserts April 27, 2017 Using only the power of the sun and a special material with some extraordinary properties, the device is capable of producing 2.8 litres of water in 12 hours.
  • Ancient Green Building Technique Taking Hold in West Africa April 19, 2017 In semi-arid regions of West Africa, circumstance has created a housing crisis, and for many rural families, money is in short supply. The Nubian Vault Association is now helping people to build homes using an ancient green technique that uses mud bricks.
  • Is Wastewater the New Black Gold? April 4, 2017 What if we were to consider the vast quantities of domestic, agricultural and industrial wastewater discharged into the environment everyday as a valuable resource rather than costly problem? This is the paradigm shift advocated in the United Nations World Water Development Report.
  • Apple Sets Up a ‘Solar Island’ in Japan March 26, 2017 Apple’s component supplier in Japan, Ibiden, has committed to power all its Apple related manufacturing with 100 percent renewable energy.
  • Go green with bamboo flooring March 8, 2017 Go green with bamboo flooring By Nduku Muema Global warming has become a universal concern