New South African Property Portfolio Combines Quality, Aesthetics and Sustainability

Rudolf Pienaar, Growthpoint Properties Office Division Director (Growthpoint)

South Africa – Growthpoint, a leading international property company, and the largest South African primary listed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), recently launched its Thrive Portfolio which South Africa’s first dual-certified property portfolio.

This premier portfolio combines quality and aesthetics with sustainability for the benefits of their clients and prioritises the health and well-being of the people in the buildings.

Growthpoint’s new Thrive Portfolio comprises 71 dual-rated office buildings in excellent locations across South Africa, spanning more than 850,000sqm of office space, valued at R16.1bn and is almost half of Growthpoint’s total office portfolio.

The Thrive Portfolio comes highly rated by both the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) and the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA).

The portfolio has two tiers: platinum and gold.

Platinum Thrive Portfolio buildings boast a SAPOA Premium- or A-grade rating, as well as 4-Star or higher GBCSA rating or an Energy and Water Performance (EWP) certification. Gold Thrive Portfolio buildings are SAPOA B-grade rated or higher, and have a GBCSA or EWP certification or have received at least a 3-Star Existing Building Performance (EBP) certification.

The Thrive Portfolio incorporates smart technology that gives building occupiers the benefit of electricity and water savings, and transparently shares the numbers to prove reduced energy costs.

The measurable benefits can easily be seen on a multifunctional Growthpoint App. The App includes details about all Thrive Portfolio buildings, and near real-time information on electricity and water savings.

Thrive Portfolio buildings are in central locations and most of them provide standby electricity and water. They maximise productivity through the quality and efficiency of Growthpoint’s award-winning designs that create spaces where businesses can thrive. These supportive environments are designed to attract and retain the best talent, foster innovation and increase staff productivity to drive businesses forward.

“Sustainability has become paramount and office spaces are being recognised as the ideal locations for implementing sustainable solutions, largely due to the amount of time spent in these buildings. Many clients who occupy our buildings are environmentally conscious, and constantly looking for the next innovation to help lessen their carbon footprints, while prioritising the health and well-being of their people. Our new Thrive Portfolio is an excellent answer for the needs of leading, innovative businesses,” says Rudolf Pienaar, Growthpoint Properties Office Division Director.

Dorah Modise, CEO of Green Building Council of South Africa, says, “GBCSA is proud to be a part of this pioneering and innovative new offering. This exclusive new portfolio of Platinum and Gold rated Thrive buildings includes many of South Africa’s certified green buildings and we believe that this venture will bring a wealth of benefits to the industry.”

Remarking on the Thrive Portfolio Neil Gopal, CEO of the South African Property Owners Association says that SAPOA is excited to be a part of this groundbreaking new partnership and believe that by consolidating all of their unique skills, they will be bringing something completely unique and exclusive to the property industry.

The innovative new office portfolio is backed by research from a study conducted by Harvard in 2015, which investigated the impact of green buildings on cognitive function. It revealed that CO2 levels are directly linked to occupant cognitive performance. Cognitive scores are 61% higher in green buildings (below 1,000ppm CO2). Added benefits include reduced energy costs, with green buildings paying R2/sqm to R10/sqm less a month. In addition, water costs are also reduced.

“We realised that the Thrive Portfolio has the potential to do so much more,” adds Pienaar. “It is an opportunity for our clients to attract and retain the best talent, for the talent to achieve its full potential, innovation, creativity and problem solving, resulting in an increase in productivity. That is why we created the Thrive Portfolio.”