Property Fund Boosts Energy Savings with Solar Farm at Mall

Roof Top Solar Farm (Emira)

South Africa - Emira Property Fund in South Africa has installed a R16 million solar farm on the roof of its Randridge Mall in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg. This innovative project continues Emira’s drive to add more renewable energy solutions to its quality portfolio of properties across South Africa as part of its sustainability strategy.

The photovoltaic (PV) solar farm is made up of 10 900 panels and produces approximately 1.2MW of electricity.

This is Emira’s second solar installation following its successful solar power pilot project launched in 2015 at its Epson Downs Shopping Centre in Bryanston, also in Johannesburg.

The Epson Downs Shopping Centre produces around 271kW and saves over 515 000kWh each year.

The new solar installation at the 22 500sqm Randridge Mall is set to save a massive 2GWh of electricity every year.

The use of solar power will save Emira over R40 million on its electricity costs at the mall in approximately 15 years, proof that the solar farm is a good investment.

Commenting on the new solar farm, Justin Bowen, Development Manager at Emira, said, “Our pilot solar power project has proven a success and delivered real, tangible benefits that we are excited to extend to Randridge Mall. At the same time as driving down electricity consumption and costs, our increased use of renewable energy further reduces Emira’s carbon footprint.”

Emira once again partnered with Bright Black Solar to supply and install the solar power system at Randridge Mall.

Solar panels used on the solar farm were manufactured by Jinko Solar Canada, and the installation uses SMA inverters.

The installation includes a carport system with a capacity of 550kW. The rest of the panels are mounted on the roof of the mall.

Emira Property Fund is a JSE-listed REIT that is invested in a portfolio of office, retail and industrial properties. Its assets comprise 135 properties valued at R13.3 billion.

Emira is also internationally diversified through its direct interest in ASX-listed Growthpoint Properties Australia (GOZ).

As a carbon disclosure company, Emira measures and monitors its carbon footprint. It is mindful of its environmental and social impacts and strives for sustainability in all key areas of its business. 

Emira recently achieved an impressive 73% saving in its municipal water use at its One Highveld warehouse property in Centurion, Johannesburg, where it installed a pilot rainwater harvesting project.

The property company’s solar installations are intended to reduce its carbon footprint, but they are also delivering other benefits which range from costs savings to reassuring retailers and shoppers at Emira’s malls that they are engaging with an environmentally responsible and innovative company.

Bowen believes there is potential to use more renewable solar energy at other properties in Emira’s portfolio. “We are assessing further opportunities for using on-site renewable energy generation and reducing electricity consumption at other properties in the near future,” he said.