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  • UK Adds £100 Million for Renewable Energy Projects in Africa January 6, 2019 The UK government announced at the COP24 event in Poland an extra £100 million of renewable energy funding for the Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP) in Africa.
  • Voltalia Starts Solar Plant Construction in Egypt November 26, 2018 Voltalia has started construction of the 32MW Râ Solar Plant in Egypt
  • Top Chinese Couriers Get More Efficient Electric Cars October 31, 2018 Hanergy Mobile Energy Holdings Group, the world’s largest thin-film power solution company recently announced that its subsidiary, Hanergy Glory Solar Technology has successfully delivered the latest solar powered electric cars to China’s top delivery companies.
  • Enabel Hosts Conference on Climate Change in African Cities October 10, 2018 The Belgian development agency Enabel has organised an international climate conference in Brussels to run from 9 to 10 October 2018. The conference which has attracted more than 170 participants from Belgium and from abroad will debate on plans to integrate climate change into the development strategies of secondary cities, including cities in the partner ...
  • Dubai Police Add Chevrolet Bolt EV to Fleet October 6, 2018 Dubai police recently took delivery of eight Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles. The police force that already has hybrid and electric vehicles within its fleet will benefit more from the Chevrolet Bolt EV which offers a range of 520 kilometres on a single charge.