Rwanda Leases E-waste Plant to Private Investor

Rwanda leases e-waste plant to private investor
Rwandan e-waste facility in Bugesera district, Eastern Province ((MININFRA)

Rwanda - The Government of Rwanda has signed a ten-year lease agreement with a United Arab Emirates based investor ‘EnviroServe’ to manage and operate an e-waste recycling plant.

The recycling plant is located in the Eastern Province of the country at Bugesera Industrial Park.

The lease agreement between the Government of Rwanda and EnviroServe was approved during a cabinet meeting on 19 January, 2018. The agreement will allow EnviroServe to manage and operate the e-waste dismantling plant and make it more profitable and equip Rwandans with skills in e-waste recycling.

E-waste has become a big environmental problem globally in recent years and the e-waste recycling plant will offer an opportunity to prevent defunct electrical and electronic equipment ending up in landfills or polluting the environment. This will also allow for a sustainable use of ICT equipment in Rwanda by preventing the negative impact of electronic and electrical waste on the human health and the environment.

The e-waste recycling plant will also contribute to the Rwandan economy through the creation of green jobs.

In order to ensure a proper and sustainable management of this facility, a partnership with a professional private company was proposed in the project document and national sanitation policy to allow the facilities to generate income, expand and create more green jobs. 

In line with the agreement, the investor will help the government to recover $1.5 million (Rwf1.26 billion) that was invested in the plant back in 2014.

Both parties have agreed on capacity building through different training programmes that will be offered to Rwandans. The contract also includes a requirement to expand the plant in infrastructures and machinery which will become the government property after ten years.

EnviroServe has operations various countries in the Middle East, Africa and the Caucasus where it specialises in recycling of e-waste and household waste.

The efficient operation of the e-waste recycling company will be another milestone for Rwanda as the country continues to build a green and sustainable economy.