Tesla’s Solar Installation Restores Power to Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico

Solar Panel and Battery Storage to Provide Power to Children's Hospital (Tesla)

Puerto Rico – American electric car maker and solar energy company, Tesla, recently unveiled a project to restore power to a children’s hospital in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico was hit by category 4 hurricane Maria on 20 September 2017 causing massive damage and leaving almost the entire island without electric power.

Touted by Tesla on Twitter as “first of many” the solar panels and energy storage batteries installation at Hospital del Nino, a children's hospital in San Juan has already gone live.

The solar installation is a donation by Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk is reported to have donated USD250, 000 of his own money to support humanitarian efforts in Puerto Rico.

In a caption on Instagram Musk said, “Glad to support the recovery.”

The solar installation at Hospital del Nino comes after discussions between Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello and Elon Musk to build microgrids around the island.

Microgrids will offer a quick relief to Puerto Rico which is looking at six months or more before its power grid is repaired.

Tesla is largely involved in the manufacture of electric cars but it has recently expanded into renewable energy via its subsidiary Solar City.

The company is not new to the building of alternative power systems.

Tesla is currently busy finalising the installation of the world’s most powerful lithium-ion battery storage system in the Australian state of South Australia where storms damaged power infrastructure leaving millions of people without electricity.

The project that Musk pledged would be completed in 100 days is expected to have a capacity of 100 megawatts. This is three times bigger than the current largest batter installation globally.

Tesla is also soon to embark on another power storage project worth USD160m in Australia. This after it won after it won a contract with wind turbine manufacturing company Vestas to install its Powerpack batteries at a new wind farm.